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About our Practitioners 

We are committed to attentive care &  energy hygiene.  We are love. We are inclusive safe space to everyone regardless of orientation or identity.    We are grateful you are here!  Please note that you can book through this website with most practitioners.  If you do not see your practitioner, please click on the link or their picture. 

Energy Healing + Ancestral Healing 

Me! Owner and Curator, Amy Kimmick, BSN RN, Channel, Clairvoyant, Medium, and Healer. Visit my Sessionwork page for more info on multi-dimensional and ancestral healing. 

Fey Wolf Wolf is a Practitioner of the Shamanic Healing Arts. Her healing sessions are designed for feminine-identifying individuals who are ready to dive deep into the shadow-self to transform their wounded spaces with unconditional love. Fey specializes in delivering channelled messages, releasing blocked emotions and energy through hands-on energy work, and using shamanic journeying to recover lost fragments of the soul. Fey assists her clients in transforming their deepest fears and trauma into strengths and gifts, unlocking a world of potential for self-love, healing, and empowerment. To sfind out more about her services, call 503-547-9015 or visit feywolfhealing.com



Sara Thomas, MacOM and yoga instructor extraordinaire! Sara holds PRIVATE ACUPUNCTURE SESSION.S with Shiatzu that is super supportive with gentle movement and balance you can feel in your body.  Yoga class is intimate and currently on pause during the fall of 2018.  To find out more about Acupuncture with Sara, go to wildflowerwellnesspdx.com

Whiskey Northrup, MacOM, developed empathic way of connecting with others. Acting as her disabled mother's caretaker, she was challenged and also gifted with deep gratitude for those who cannot care for themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. She believes that stepping in to support someone as they navigate their health is a profound privilege. She supports her clients through their natural process of healing and transformation. You can find Whksy in the lower wolf den of Temple on Mondays and Wednesdays. To book with her visit  wolfcrowmedicne.com

Massage +

Jak Fessenden, LMT, RN, from Sacred Ground Massage.  Jak is a modern shaman who also performs medical MASSAGE, hot stone, and deep tissue relief.  He is great with all bodies and is brilliant.  Call or book on-line at http://www.sacredgroundmassage.com/. He holds a massage clinic for community healing on Wednesdays!

Heather Bjordnal LMT, has been bringing sweet relief to massage clients for at least 6 years.  She is active in volunteer massage for dancers and brings tremendous awareness to self-care with gentle strength.  We are grateful to  have her medicine at Temple! BOOK HERE FOR MASSAGE. 

Astrology + Flower Essences 

Kelsey Bee, MPH, Astrologer and Mastress of Deep Sea Astrology.  Kelsey performs multi-faceted ASTROLOGY readings here.  She is a strong and informed advocate in the community and collaborates often in ways that Astrology intersects with health, life, nutrition, and other intuitive modalities.  Visit her site for her remote sessions at DeepSeaAstrology.com.  Book in person readings below.

Lena Moon is a flower essence practitioner, an astrologer, a creatrix of rituals, a womb ceremonialist, and leader of women's gatherings. She is a songcatcher, mixed modality artist, dancer, poet, priestess, life-long child mentor and hand-crafted jewelry maker.  She brings a deeply rooted and potent expression of the power of the feminine.  In her lives the call of the wild and the voice of the ancestors.  Her work with plant spirit medicine and plantcestral* remembrance deeply informs all of her offerings through continually evolving her understanding of healing and self. Visit her site at website link: lenamoon.com.


*term coined by Layla Feghali


Somatic Embodiment  &  Sex Education

Sarabell Eisenfeld is an embodiment coach and sex educator.  Her strength and warmth are radiant.   She truly embodies her care.  Sarabell's work helps to create and reclaim the connection in the body and spirit for confidence, vitality, and liberation.  For more information and booking visit her site at  https://tendingtogrow.weebly.com.  She is a member of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers.  She also offers and holds space for social justice training and mediation.    

Look for updates on which great visitor will be holding classes.  Any group healing or public event will be on our Instagram and FB page.  And please connect with us on your or workshop and classes. 

Thank you for your interest and support.